What We Offer...

Alona Interiors specialise in designing home decor with quality products specially chosen from different parts of the world. Our experience and expertise helps in delivering right designs at right time for right people.We offer a blend of modern and traditional style that adds beauty to your home. We value the time and money of our customers and ensure that the designs are as per their requirements and ideologies. Our designer studios in Bangalore and Cochin welcomes you with a wide range of home interior designs and accessories. Alona is the space where you can get all types of home decors from a simple TV Unit or wardrobe to highly sophisticated yet beautiful kitchen  or bedroom interiors.

Modular Kitchen

Kitchen is the centre point of a home where hearty meals are cooked for friends and family with love and care. It is very important to have a nice and tidy kitchen regardless of  room size. We can design magnificient modular kitchen where you can spend quality time with your family preparing delicious cuisine

Dining Room

The space where everyone in the family sits together to start the day with a heartful breakfast or enjoy sumptuous dinner with friends and family to celebrate special occasions. Don’t you think the dining room interiors should be pleasing to the eye?? It is  effortlessly possible when Alona is here…

Living Room

We are creating memories with every passing second..When we have special moments in our life and feels like celebrating it with the near and dear ones at our home, then certainly it calls for a decorated living space. Let’s make your living room beautiful with our creative designs!!

Bed Room

We have some fantastic ideas to make use of most of the space in your bed room without making it fully packed. Alona ensures to enhance the ambience using space-saving furnitures and wonderful lighting.

Study Room

The most relaxing space to rejuvenate yourself  and concentrate on your work or studies. We can design the room in a unique way welcoming both kids and parents to spend their quality time and stay focussed.

Wardrobe & Celiling

Wardrobe is an essential accessory any home should have. Why go for a small and old storage space when there are ultra modern designs to make your home more attractive!!